How To Sell Your Miami Home In Today’s Market

Today prices for residential real estate in Miami are lower than expected and there’s nothing we can do about it. Most condos and single family houses are listed at high, unreasonable prices and therefore tend to be ignored by buyers looking for good deals. However, the situation isn’t as bad and in many cases high-priced properties are sold.

Understanding what your condo is worth depends to a large extent on the type of building and its current condition as well as situation and condition of your unit. These two factors play an important role in determining if your condo should be priced above the average market price or sold at a discount.

We start out by helping sellers analyse current real estate market prices in order to price your unit at a realistic price.

Our Approach To List And Sell Your Unit

We present each seller with a market analysis that is all-inclusive. In order to arrive at the best sale price that will produce a quick sale, we analyse several factors that indicate optimum conditions. Our strategy provides a target price that is tested in a 30 – 60 days sales window. We then re-evaluate the price based on the feedback we get from the showings.

By doing this, we give the seller two strategic selling opportunities where each one meets the sellers objective in a different way. A buyer wants a great bargain irrespective of the kind of property they are looking to purchase – whether it’s buying a beachside lavish luxury condo or a small studio apartment.

Many buyers believe that as much as 50% discount on market prices should be possible. And this is the thought that drives their bargaining for condos and homes listed in Miami.

What buyers were willing to offer sellers for a property at a particular period determines the market price at that time.

Recently, we’ve seen the scale tipped on either side – prices for certain properties have gone up, while the prices for others have gone down.

We always educate our clients on current price trends in Miami for certain properties to be able to make the buyer and the seller appreciate the market price and steer them away from the “bargain mindset”.

Our service is committed to making buyers and sellers meet on common ground – by helping buyers appreciate the real estate market as it stands today.

Real estate transactions today are quite healthy and steady thanks to financial strength of the currencies of Europe and Canada. Buyers from these regions are actually responsible for higher market values.

By educating prospective buyers on current real estate market prices, we are able to guide them into making proper bids for properties that our customers are trying to sell. But, our first priority concerning your condo or home is to get it to the market. We have revolutionized the way condos and homes are sold. Even though the internet plays a big role in the way the real estate market functions today, yet the time-tested and important principles of personified customer service and business relationships are still very relevant. We have developed some of the most-effective ways to sell condos and homes as attested to by our customers.

How do we do this?

By employing a web-based management suite of tools we are able to handle customer relationship, marketing materials, and documents in perfect balance. We can guarantee exposure of your condo to the most relevant markets based on our comprehensive sales and marketing program.

Our Marketing Program Includes

  • Detailed photography of your property, which also includes an extensive virtual tour of every area of the property.
  • Registration in the MLS, which gives your property listing(s) visibility to top Realtors and Brokers in the tens of thousands.
  • Use several effective methods such as press releases to communicate regularly with the press from both national and international (Canada, Europe, South America) media outlets through press contacts and journalists informing them of our properties that are on sale.
  • Global visibility of your property by prospective buyers using the international reach the internet avails us.

By using an effective sharing system, details of your condo are broadcasted to a worldwide network of websites. Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL high-ranking visibility based on the ranking criteria of each search engine. Other powerful search engines also make the list. A brochure of your property that can be downloaded from our website. Brochures are in full color and available in pdf format. We are in constant contact with our worldwide customer base using email marketing. This also includes global email blasts to customers in the tens of thousands. Open channels that reach local and international brokers in the thousands using regular broker email updates. We are experts in and concentrate mainly on selling Miami and Miami Beach luxury condos and homes. Our success is far-reaching.

We Will Sell Your Property

The Miami area is where our internet presence is the strongest. When buyers look for properties, they most-often use the internet. Since we are one of the most popular websites in Miami, getting buyer traffic is assured.

We have several tools including personal networks and a massive email list that we use to reach and keep in contact with thousands of buyers and top brokers.

We are available to work with clients all year round – this includes weekends and holidays and at whatever time of day. This makes us available for any buyer inquiry.

Last-minute requests for property inspection are taken seriously and are available. We are on top of every situation and take every prospect seriously. We promptly respond to buyers.

Our response time to phone calls and emails from prospective buyers for every 24-hour day is 30 minutes or less.

We are constantly looking out to finding buyers by making contact with other brokers. By doing so we spread our reach to the fullest extent possible at each period. Because we understand the importance of working with a network of brokers, we have built strong relationships with most of Miami’s top-performing brokers.

Smart business – all deals are followed through to completion using industry best practices and professionalism of the highest level, working assiduously to remove elements that could hinder finalization.

We regard each client as a business partner and a very important member of the group; treating your property like it was our own. We are committed to your success.

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