Williams Island Condos For Sale As Of Apr 20, 2024

Williams Island is situated on an island in Aventura Florida directly on the Intracoastal waters and accross from the oceean. The island offers unparalleled luxury and an amenity-rich lifestyle. Spanned on 84 acres of tropical landscaping, Williams Island offers many options for real estate which includes a variety of most luxurious new condos as well as single family homes.

The first Williams Island condominium was built in 1984 and the last one - Prive was just finished in 2018.

There is a new $5 million dollars spa and fitness center that is a 27,000 square feet facility, one of the best clay court 'Grand Slam' tennis center with 16 tennis courts, a new Cafe, a magnificent marina worthy of those in its sister Rivieras, and exquisite fine dining, as well as private functions and entertainment center which was recently refurbished. Williams Island is a great way to meet friends and experience a great social life. To learn more about Williams Island club please visit the site - https://www.williamsislandclub.com/'

Williams Island Condos For Sale

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Williams Island is a beautiful, serene area that provides everyone with a way to enjoy the water and a town that comes together with many amenities. The properties that are hidden away in this beautiful island are those that bring magic and wonder. Of course, learning more about the history and what the island has to offer is also a good thing before deciding to make your move or purchase your investment.

Find out if Williams Island has everything that you need when searching for a beautiful place to live, to rent out or to invest in.

Williams Island is a part of Aventura in Florida and it provides those that are moving to the area with a way to be right on the ocean if they so choose. With beautiful views and even more impressive landscapes, this part of Aventura is meant for that lush, upscale appeal that you are unable to get from other areas of Florida.

The area was left barren for years. You could see it there, but it had nothing done to it and the grass was as green as the eye could see, giving everyone a sense of emptiness. However, come the 70ís, the owner of the land, Normal Cohen decided to sell the plot of land to the Trump Group. This group developed a plan to create high-rise condo buildings on the land and create a sense of luxury for those that want to move, invest or offer high-end condos to those that are passing through.

With many people using these homes as vacation properties, it soon became an area that was notorious for being rich and popular. It was not uncommon to see million-dollar vehicles parked at the condo buildings that went up around the early 80ís.

They wanted to give the area a sense of exclusivity and refinement that you couldnít get with the other areas of Miami. Being just a small island by the area, it was perfect for creating this separate world all itís own. Many campaigns for these high-end lofts were features in the New York Times, while Sophia Lorenís apartment was shown off in Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous towards the end of the 80ís. She wanted to give the condos a sense of glamour that wasnít being portrayed to those that have not seen them.

They even had musicians playing during the construction period for those that wanted to come and see the building and the condos being built. In the 80ís, these condos ran from $250,000 up to a million depending on which you chose. On top of that, maintenance fees had to be paid every month and this was around $500-$600.

Those that were moving to the area wanted to create a truly private area where only those with money could purchase property and make use of the land. You would not find an every day store on the island, either. Those that were a part of the community made sure of that. When they opened everything and everyone was happy, there was a lot to do and everyone knew everyone. However, this soon faded.

When the properties were all sold up, the Trumps had sold the amenities that went along with the properties, such as the restaurant and spas, the beach and golf clubs and those that were servicing the owners of the condos. Once these were sold, they became a money pit to the owners because no one wanted to be in the private little island anymore. The glamour and glitz that came from the area in the past was now long gone.

Come the late nineties, the nostalgia settled and the properties became less than impressive. Anyone could purchase them if they wanted them because many people were moving away. They found a way to find a buyer that would redevelop the land and turn it into something new and enticing for all those that lived there. Not only that, but they are hoping to redo the condos that are in the area, offering something more upscale, modern but not in the same light of the former glory days of the island.

Williams Island real estate

Williams Island comes with plenty to do and things to see. With many real estate options and property types, you can find the perfect one that fits the needs that you have.

With plenty of condos being offered on this island, many of them are being sold for under market value, as they want to build the area back up and provide everyone with a beautiful piece of land. With many of the land contracts being purchased, as well as the businesses building back up in the area, it is expected that this area will soon grow once again.

The condos are spacious, while some single-family beach houses are still up for grabs. The business spaces that are offered are large and some of them even impressive in the way that they gleam from the sidewalk.

Enjoy all that comes from Williams Island. Though it had a wonderful start that soon died down, it has turned back into a bustling community full of those that want to purchase a piece of land right on the side of the ocean. You can find your piece of property waiting for you within the island that proves to be luxurious, lavish and beautiful for one and all.

Williams Island can be home to everyone. Search through the properties today to see if something peaks your interest.

Speak with our professional real estate agents by calling NUMBER today to see the available properties offered on Williams Island. While it might have slowed down, and the vision of the area might have changed in the recent years, it is still a beautiful, lavish place that many call their home or that you can find yourself investing in a property at. Williams Island is beautiful, and everyone can do a walk through of the many available properties.

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