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Belle Meade Houses In The Arts Community

When one thinks of an arts community, the image that usually comes to mind is a neighborhood that's on the verge of being revitalized but which is not quite there yet. While this may be attractive for the bohemian types, it's generally not a place where those seeking a luxury lifestyle go looking for properties for sale. Miami's Belle Meade neighborhood, located on the Upper Eastside, offers something which has all the excitement and diversity of an artist's community without the elements that make many such communities unattractive to families and established individuals.

Belle Meade Homes Overlooks Biscayne Bay

Right from the start, this waterfront location sets it apart from many other communities popular with the arts set. The homes here are luxury affairs on the whole and there are many properties which constitute the types of homes that are more in the range of successful artists rather than for those who are just starting their careers. This blend of an upscale lifestyle with roots in the design and artistic culture in which many of the residents established themselves gives it an edge where living and investing is concerned.

Downtown Miami is only a short drive from Belle Meade and, of course, most artists do like being close to the city so that they can go experience and participate in the culture. Instead of the culture ending at the neighborhood's gates, those who live in Belle Meade come home to a vibrant and eclectic area where residents express their creativity on pretty much any available occasion, including the decoration of their homes and their yards. This community is excellent for those looking for an upscale lifestyle in a neighborhood with deep roots. The community's long history adds to its overall appeal to many who purchase here.

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