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Ocean House South Beach Condos for Sale

While searching for the perfect unit to call home, many are turning their attention to the Ocean House South Beach condos for sale. These condos provide the best look and feel that you want and need within a space. You can enjoy the open spaces that the area provides, while the building is something worth looking at and enjoying.

When you walk into the building, you will notice that they offer some of the largest spaces around. Not only that, but the ceilings are so high that you will look above you and notice that the entrance is something worth noting.

The amenities can all be found on the first-floor lobby area. This is where you will spend most of your time enjoying all that the building has to offer to the residents within it. The building was designed with clean-lines and free spaces. This shows. The building is going to delight you each and every time you come in. It is not one to let anyone down.

With so much to offer those that are coming to check it out, you want to spend a little bit of time reading about the building and the units. They might offer you everything you have been searching for. South Beach is a beautiful area and you can find a place to call your own when you take a minute and look into all they are providing.

Find the Ocean House South Beach condos for sale that you would like to call your own when you look through the many options out there.

The Amenities Inside the Ocean House South Beach Condos for Sale

There are amenities that are found inside the Ocean House South Beach condos for sale. You can use them to your advantage when the time comes to enjoy the beach and the unit youíve chosen. As with any other condo, you can come to expect that the building is going to open up their amenities to the residents of the area.

This building offers a lot to those that live there. With everything from a billiardís room complete with a bar, as well as a movie screening room; you can find something to do every night of the week. The library provides thousands of titles that you can check out or read right there.

Those that like to work on their fitness donít have to get a gym membership. The building offers a gym right inside the doors. This is a great place to use the state-of-the-art fitness equipment to your advantage. Of course, for other types of fitness, you can enjoy the large pool outside. This allows those that donít want to go down to the private beach area to enjoy the clean, crisp water of the pool.

There is also an Oceanfront beach club that every resident of the building can join and enjoy all that they offer to the members. There is also an outdoor gourmet kitchen that you can use while you are outside, complete with comfortable sitting areas to enjoy your food.

There is a little bit of everything for everyone that wants to check out the Ocean House South Beach condos for sale and really make use of the amenities and extras that the building is offering. You can find that this is your place to call home.

Ocean House South Beach Condos for Sale and Doing a Walkthrough

If you want to see inside the Ocean House South Beach condos for sale, you can do that and really be inspired to purchase one for yourself.

When you walk into the building, youíre impressed with all that surrounds you but the same is going to happen when you take the private elevator up to the Ocean House South Beach condos for sale. You can expect to find a beautiful entryway that has a tall ceiling that you stare up into.

Each of the livingrooms in the condos provide a comfortable, warm fireplace so if youíre cold after being down at the beach all day, you can curl up and enjoy life right in front of the fireplace offered. The marble floors are beautiful, and they provide a touch that makes the units more elegant.

Each of the rooms throughout the units are large, offering plenty of space for anything you wish to put inside them. You can expect to find a lot of beauty around each and every corner you turn. You can enjoy the comfort of a home that provides you with upscale modern accessories, as well as all of the amenities you could ever ask for right down in the lobby.

The large showers are beautiful, made with the finest glass. While all of the fixtures are designed by high-end brands. You can expect that the tiles throughout are just a modern, upscale and beautiful. The large windows offer a more open appeal that allows the light to shine through effortlessly.

Everything was made with luxury and modernism in mind. White, open and bright are what you can expect inside these units. The Ocean House South Beach condos for sale provide everyone with the touch of beauty that they have always wanted and the South Beach location they have been after for some time.

South Beach is a beautiful area and when you are able to find a condo for sale that you love, you will be able to have the best of both worlds. Enjoy the shopping, entertainment, clubs and restaurants just around the corner from the Ocean House South Beach condos for sale. You can easily go back and forth and use the amenities that are within the building of the condos.

Everyone loves living in an area that offers them so much. With all that comes with the Ocean House South Beach condos for sale, make sure to give our professional real estate agents a call. We can set up a time for you to do a walkthrough of the unit youíre the most interested in.

Ocean House South Beach Features & Amenities

Welcome to a Lifestyle Experience that Celebrates Beauty in Every Detail.

* Private elevator access to your residence
* Living room with elegant fireplace
* Private screening room with digital theater sound
* Billiards room with bar

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