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Palm Island Homes - Top Miami Beach Location

Are you looking for a home in the Miami area that offers something different from the various luxury towers? If you are looking for a larger property that offers you the privacy that you desire, along with some fantastic features in a great location, you should consider the homes available on Palm Island. This is a manmade island located in the South Beach area on Biscayne Bay. It is connected to Hibiscus Island on the MacArthur Causeways, so it is easy to get to the places that you want to visit.

What Types of Homes Are in the Area?

Even though the island is only 82 acres in total, you will find truly stunning homes on the island. Many of the properties are genuine mansions, but you can find a range of options and styles that might work for your needs. One of the nice things about the variety of properties is that no two are the same. Everything is unique. The styles range from Mediterranean to Art Deco. This is an upper-class community and the price tags for the homes reflect that.

When you live on the island, you are close to the water, as well. While not all the homes on the island have waterfront property, you will find that many of them do. Over the years, this island has been home to some rather famous people including the likes of Barbara Walters, Nick Nolte, and even the notorious Al Capone.

Many people would love to call this area home, including those who have boats. Whether you already have a boat or you are planning to get one, the waterfront properties here could be a great choice. Imagine heading off through the backyard to take your boat out into the bay for a nice relaxing day.

The island also has around the clock security, so you can be sure you and your family are safe. Palm Island shares a park with Hibiscus Island. It features a basketball court, tennis courts, a children’s playground, and more. This is a very family friendly location that could be a perfect place for you.

What Will You Love About the Location?

Palm Island has one of the most ideal locations you will find in the Miami area. You get to enjoy the beauty and privacy that the island offers, which is great. However, you are still just a few minutes from all the fun and interesting places you might want to visit. You are secure, but you are never isolated when you choose to buy a home on Palm Island. Whether you want to get into Miami for work or for entertainment, or you want to visit one of the beaches, shopping areas, or any of the other attractions, it is nice and easy. It offers you the best of both worlds.

Does living on an island in paradise sound like a nice option for you? If it does, make sure you take some time to check out what properties are available on Palm Island.

Palm Island Miami Beach

is well-known as a breeding habitat for sea turtles. While there are 200 residents on this island, the reclusive creatures have staked it out as a place to carry on their lifecycle. This is, no doubt, largely due to the way in which the residents of the island work to ensure that the turtles are as undisturbed as possible when they arrive onshore for their mating season. Residents and visitors take walks on the beach to observe the turtles but make serious efforts to ensure that their presence doesn't interfere with the turtles in any regard.

When the young turtles called hatchlings emerge from their eggs and head for the ocean, the residents of Palm Island turn off all unnecessary lighting, including their houselights if they're close to the beach, so that the young turtles can make it to the sea undisturbed. Many of the people seeking homes for sale on Palm Island are seeking exactly this sort of experience out of their residence: Once which allows them a very close connection with the natural world in a place that is peaceful and respectful of the environment. Transportation between the island and the mainland is by boat, making it even more private.

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