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Venetion or Rivo Alto Islands Homes For Sale & Rent

The Venetian Islands Miami Beach

The Venetian Islands are manmade islands located near Miami Beach. There are six islands that make up the Venetians. These include Rivo Alto, Belle Isle, San Marino, Di Lido, San Marko, and Biscayne. Each of the six islands is connected by a private toll road called the Venetian Causeway. This road provides those who live on the islands with access to the downtown area of Miami, as well as other areas, including highways and the Biscayne Corridor.

An Ideal Location

This means that those who choose to buy property on the islands are always just a quick drive away from all the things that they want to see and do in the Miami Beach area. They can head out to enjoy some of the beaches around the area, or they could head to some popular places to shop and dine. The nightlife and all the excitement that Miami Beach offers are just a short distance away. The Causeway has become a popular spot for the locals on the islands to walk, jog, and ride a bike.

Another one of the reasons people like the location of these islands is because it keeps them away from the business that tends to pervade many parts of the area. They have their privacy and their peace when they live on the islands. It is quieter for them, and many people really like that aspect of it. However, they also love that they can simply hop on the Venetian Causeway and head to the mainland whenever they would like.

Types of Properties on the Venetian Islands

All the islands have an array of homes on them. Many of the homes are right on the waterfront, which is nice for the great views, as well as the fact that you can have a boat thatís right in your backyard if you would like. However, you will also find a number of dry lots on the island that might even suit your needs more. They have modern designs, as well as traditional styles for the homes on the islands, so you should be able to find an array of different types of properties that could interest you.

There are single family homes on the island, and many of them are very large and impressive. This can provide you with even more in the way of luxury and privacy than you would find in many other areas. It could be just the thing you have been hoping to find. They are beautiful properties and the area is home to many celebrities and other wealthy individuals. As such, these properties tend to have high price tags associated with them, but you do get what you pay for.

The Venetian Islands have become one of the most popular neighborhoods for those looking to move to the Miami Beach area. If you need to have some additional privacy and room, then the homes on one of these six islands could be just what you have been trying to find. Take a look to see what is available today.

Venetian Island Real Estate

offers luxury waterfront single family homes. This is one of the most sought after location for private homes on the water. In addition, homes on Venetian Islands offer a investment opportunity. Single family homes in Miami Beach has always been most valued by residents and investors alike.

The Venetian Islands real estate and the lifestyle it offers is perhaps best represented in how the residents have rather converted the Venetian Causeway into something of a neighborhood stroll. While the causeway does provide one of the links between the islands and the mainland, it's quite common to see the residents using it for something other than commuting. The roadway is popular with residents for biking, walking, jogging and taking their pets out for a walk. While it may be a highway, being one of the primary transportation routes for the residents of the Venetian Islands has transformed it into something more in line with the type of lifestyle that dominates these islands: luxury, relaxed and very low-stress.

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